Dr. Pawan Gupta

MBBS, MS, M.Ch (Surgical Oncology)


Dr. Pawan Gupta, is a Senior Surgical Oncologist, who is also a social activist, engaged in creating awareness amongst the society to diagnose cancer.

He did his graduation and post-graduation from Cuttack. He enhanced his surgical skills M.Ch and Fellowship in Surgical Oncology from Gujarat Cancer Research Institute (GCRI), Ahmedabad.

He has held several positions during his career in various hospitals. Dr. Pawan has published several papers in National and International journals and is actively involved in several research projects. He is an active member in Telemedicine society of India, India Association of Surgical Oncology, and Association of surgeons of India.

He is seen as mentor of astray souls, and a soothing balm to those tormented by cancer.

In his mission to win over cancer he has come up with a unique methodological approach to quit tobacco. The book “WIN OVER TOBACCO – MADE EASY” a step by step guide for tobacco addicts to overcome their cravings. The Book had more than 10000 Downloads within 30 Days of being made available.


With over 18 years of rich experience with most reputed Institutions he has transformed himself from a surgeon to an ideologist.


Don’t just kill the disease, but make people handle it in a positive manner. . It requires a holistic approach and integration with alternate therapy.


Over the years, he has been imparting knowledge to various NGOs, corporate 
institutions & other organizations. 


He initiated tobacco and cancer awareness program way back in 2002. He initiated the I CAN WIN TUTORIAL – HOW TO QUIT TOBACCO


Done more than 7000 surgeries with an experience of over 18 years. Has received ICD Appreciation Award by by Dr Donald E. Johnson


MBBS – S.C.B. Medical College, Cuttack - 1991

MS (Surgery)- S.C.B. Medical College, Cuttack - 1996

FRCS I - Royal College of Surgeons, Glasgow - 1998

M.Ch. – B.J. Medical College, Ahmedabad, Gujarat University - 2001

Fellowship in Surgical Oncology, Reconstructive surgery and Uro-oncology – Gujarat Cancer and Research Centre, Ahmedabad - 1996-1998

Training in Surgical Oncology, Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai - 1998

Fellowship Association Surgeons of India - 2008

MBBS, MS, M.Ch (Surgical Oncology) FAIS, FSOG

Associate Professor - Department of Onco Surgery - Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences

Senior Consultant - Surgical Oncology, Dharamshila Cancer Hospital, Delhi

Senior Consultant - SMH, Curie Cancer Center, Delhi

Head & Senior Consultant - Surgical Oncology, Asian Institute of Medical Sciences

Additional Director, Institute of Cancer Care, Jaypee Hospital, Noida

National President – I Can Win Foundation

Advisory Board – Innovative Cancer Care and Rehabilitation Private Limited (ICanCaRe)



With over 18 years of rich experience with most reputed Institutions he has transformed himself from a surgeon to an ideologist.

Gujarat Cancer and Research Institute, Tata Memorial Hospital, Dharamsilla Cancer Hospital, Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences, SMH-Curie Cancer Centre, SCB Medical College, ASIAN Institute of Medical Sciences are the reputed Institutes that he has served in.

Born in the year 1967 in then a small town of Odisha in Cuttack, he always had focused approach towards life. Where many of his school mates satisfy with their success he felt hunger to achieve more. At a very early age he realized that materialistic achievements will not satisfy him and thus he engaged himself for much larger goal - to serve the society.

During his education at Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute, he ensure that he spend his free time going to remote villages for the aid of poor sufferers. He imparted his services, his knowledge to improve their life.

During his career persuasion in oncology he realized the suffering of people. He observed that more than disease its fear is tormenting the patients. He realized that the agony of patient’s relatives is no less than the sufferer.

He could not bear the misery of these people, the only thought in his mind was, “if only he could save more life(s)…”

This one thought gave birth to I CAN WIN FOUNDATION, a NGO created to promote Screening, thereby making the young aware of what to look for.

His journey has just begun and his notion is “Woods dark & deep, miles to go before I sleep, miles to go before I sleep”.


  • More than 7000 cancer surgeries with an experience of over 18 years.

  • Received ICD Appreciation Award by Dr Donald E. Johnson, ICD International President, USA at the International College of Dentists Annual Convocation and Award Ceremony on 25th March 2007, New Delhi

  • He co-supervised “Molecular analysis of P16 and FHIT gene in Indian Head and Neck Cancer Patients and their association With HPV -16 and HPV 18” (Submitted by Mohammad Raish)

  • First in Poster Presentation – National Cancer Congress 2005, Delhi

  • Chapter on Family Medicine in Book “Management of Thyroid Disorders”

  • He introduced the concept of ‘Win over Cancer’ as against just Fight against cancer, a positive approach to cancer at the Livestrong Global Summit at Dublin in August 2009.

  • He initiated the I CAN WIN TUTORIAL – HOW TO QUIT TOBACCO in collaboration with WHO. The tutorial was to train the medical professionals in the skills of quitting tobacco.

  • He actively participated in “National Consultation on Smokeless Tobacco” Organized by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. In Collaboration with: Public Health Foundation of India and World Health Organization April 4-5, 2011, Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi.

  • He has initiated a campaign “SAVE THE YOUTH® for sensitization, awareness, volunteering and enforcement amongst the youth about tobacco.

  • Authored book – 1. “WIN OVER TOBACCO- MADE EASY”

                                        2. “BE SMART DO NOT START”

  • He has more than 30 published papers in National and International journals


• Senior Vice Chairman – I CAN WIN FOUNDATION

• Director –Innovative Cancer Care and Rehabilitation (www.icancare.org)

• National President of Indian Cancer Winners’ Association.

• Life Member with Association of Surgeons of India.(AL-20856)

• Life Member with Indian Association of Surgical Oncology. (G-0020)

• Active Member International Society of Surgery (ISS/SIC). (283424 IN)

• Active Member Breast Society International

• UICC - Global Center Control Community

• Member - Telemedicine Society of India

• Member - Indo American Cancer Association

• Fellow Association of Surgeons of India;

• Fellow in Surgical Oncology, uro-oncology, Plastic and Reconstructive surgery.


Don’t just kill the disease, but make people handle it in a positive manner. He wants people to take cancer, just as a chronic illness and to diminish the demonic status that cancer enjoys. He plans to do so by empowering all with the knowledge, facts about cancer, early recognition of symptoms, sharing his professional expertise and experience, and with holding nothing.
He believes there is more than just treating cancer with surgery, drugs and radiotherapy. It requires a holistic approach and integration with alternate therapy.


Dr Pawan Gupta although a cancer surgeon, realized that if one has to win over cancer than the target has to be the cause. 60% of the cancers are related to tobacco. He initiated tobacco and cancer awareness program way back in 2002. On interacting with people he also came to know that it is not only important to tell people that tobacco is bad but those who are already into the habit have to be helped in quitting this disease. His article Published in The Indian Practitioner – “Tobacco – How to Quit”. Gupta P, Jyostna V P. The Ind. Pract. 2006;59(7):445-453.

He invited his fellow doctors and peers in his mission, he developed them and empower them with skills on how to guide tobacco users on quitting tobacco.

In 2006, he conducted a Round table Discussion on Tobacco and cancer for the medical professionals of East Delhi on World No Tobacco Day 2006. Realising its success he conducted many such Round Table discussion with doctors in various towns and cities.

  • SAVE the Youth Campaign

  • “BE SMART DO NOT START” - School Awareness Program



  • Rehabilitation of Tobacco Vendors/Traders - By encouraging them to switch to healthy products

  • I CAN CARE WELLNESS CENTRES -For Early detection, Prevention and Rehabilitation of Cancer Patients. Tobacco Cessation Centre.



With the initiation of Indian Cancer Winners’ Association, the individual efforts got multiplied with more people joining with the common mission to win over cancer.

2. BE SMART, DO NOT START for the youngsters.

He initiated the Tobacco School awareness Program with the concept of Be Smart Do not start. He has conducted numerous program with Schools in Delhi NCR, UP and Haryana.


To make ladies aware of the common health related problems specifically focusing on breast, cervical cancer and osteoporosis. Making available Gardasil -vaccine for the ladies –at a subsidized cost


Training the trainers in Counselling and therapy to guide their patients to win over tobacco

Innovative Cancer Care and Rehabilitation

Innovative Cancer Care

A corporate entity catering to the needs of a cancer pateint ranging from prevention, care, cure, and rehabilitation. Meet medical, psychological, social, spiritual, financial and informational needs of pateints. 

I Can Win

I Can Win Foundation

An NGO born in 2008 to spread the awareness about Cancer. Create a network of Cancer Winners. Conducts public rallies, programs and school activities pan India.

SAVE the Youth Campaign

SAVE the Youth Campaign

The campaign is to Sensitize, Aware, Volunteer, Enforce the Youth to protect them from falling prey to tobacco menace. 

Win Over Tobacco

Win Over Tobacco

A mission to eradicate the use of tobacco among the people. Under this mission spread awareness, conduct workshop to educate people on tobacco


  • " He is like an angel to the society "
    Mr. Sumeet Mishra
    Cancer Winner Relative
  • “ His selfless service to the society is highly appreciable  ”

    Mrs. Sandhya Gupta
    Cancer Winner
  • “ A very understanding and down to earth personality. His nobel efforts will certainly bear fruits. ”

    Ms. Usha Gupta
    Cancer Winner

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